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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs on Bed Slates.jpg

Do you have bed bugs or think you might have them? Call Outstanding Pest Solutions today or send us a message at the bottom of this page for more information.

Did you know that a female bed bug is capable of laying anywhere between 1 and 5 eggs per day?

Bed bug hiding spots:

34.6% Box spring

22.6% furniture

22.4% Mattress

13.4% Bed frame and head board

3.1% random bed room items

2.3% walls & ceiling

1.4% baseboard area

0.2% nightstand and dresser

Bedbugs and bed bug eggs on a bed mattre

Color: Adult bed bugs are a reddish brown to a mahogany, and nymphs are colorless.

Size: Adults are 1/4 inch long. Nymphs anywhere between 1.3-5mm.

Shape: Oval when unfed, swollen and elongated with a recent blood meal. 

Habits: Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers and like to travel. They will hide in your backpack, purse, shoes, suitcases, and on your clothes to relocate to where ever you take them to. Maybe a friend or family's house, or even a community location such as a movie theater. Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures and are elusive. They will hide in almost anything such as mattresses & box springs, furniture, bedding, baseboards, cracks & crevices, electrical outlets & switch plates, picture frames, and nearly anywhere else inside your home.

Threats: Bed bugs are capable on feeding on any warm blooded animal. However, they primarily feed on humans. Bed bug bites can become red, itchy welts. Bed bugs do not transmit diseases. 

Bed bug.jpg

Bed bug prevention tips:

-When returning home from vacation, vacuum all suitcases and bags.

-Check your bedsheets for blood spots.

-Place your suitcase in a large plastic trash bag while in the hotel. 

-Use a flashlight for visual inspections.

-Never purchase or accept second hand furniture, mattresses or box springs. 

-Regularly inspect the areas where pets sleep. 

-Bed bugs are very elusive. It makes it very important to seek a pest control company that specializes in bed bug inspections and treatment such as Outstanding Pest Solutions. Call or send us a message below for more information and to schedule you a free inspection. 

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